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Common Service Terms - Hardin County Honda - Elizabethtown, KY

Common Service Terms - Elizabethtown, KY

As with any highly-specialized industry or practice, vehicle service and maintenance comes with a lot of lingo that can get confusing if you’re not too familiar with the it. Our maintenance team here in Hardin County Honda’s service center have put together a quick list of terms to help you take control of understanding your own vehicle.
Aftermarket Part
A replacement part for your vehicle that does not come from the vehicle manufacturer.
Balancing Tires
Unbalanced tires result in irritating vibrations while driving, reduced traction, and increased tire wear. Balancing your tires means adding weight to wheels to equal out wheel weights between your tires.
Drivetrain (or Powertrain)
The things that make your car go: the engine, transmission, differential and axles, and driveshaft. All those parts combine to send power down to your wheels.
Horsepower is a unit of measurement, like miles or volts, used to measure your engine’s ability to work.
This is “Original Equipment” or “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” You’ll usually see this in reference to new parts or replacement parts, meaning the parts were built with the vehicle at the factory.
When an error in manufacturing regarding emissions or safety is identified by the EPA or the manufacturer itself, a recall will be issued. If your vehicle gets a recall notice, this almost always means you can bring it in to a service center certified by the automaker for service or repairs free-of-charge for you.
This is a term you’ll usually see in tandem with “Horsepower.” Torque is the twisting force an engine is able to produce, usually measured in pounds.
Every tire has a tread — in fact, tread can be so unique that cops can use it to identify the make and model of a vehicle at a crime scene. Tread is the pattern engraved in the tire to up the vehicle’s traction. Tread can be changed based on the intended use of a vehicle; for example, the tread of an off-roader will vary greatly from that of a race car.

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