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Your Credit Score | Elizabethtown, KY

Your Credit Score | Hardin County Honda | Elizabethtown, KY

A Guide to Your Credit Score

Your credit score is one of the biggest indicators of your financial health. Getting a new vehicle is often contingent on the status of your credit score. Understanding what this financial measurement is and what it entails is key to improving it in time for your future big purchases.

What is your credit score?

Your credit score is a three-digit number that derives from a mathematical algorithm. This score is usually between 300 and 800 with the higher number being a better score. It takes multiple factors into account and shows lenders your financial well-being and dependability.

How can you check it?

You can discover your credit score through a variety of sources. Credit Karma and Lending Tree give you your credit score for free. You might even find your credit score available on your credit card’s billing statement or online account. Purchase your credit score through major credit bureaus like Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion.

What affects my credit score?

To determine your credit score, multiple factors come into play.
  • Your payment history. If you consistently pay your credit card bills and loans on time, your credit score is okay.
  • The amount you owe. Large loans or high credit-card debt can lower your credit score.
  • The length of your credit history. The longer your credit line has been opened, the better your credit score will be.
  • Your types of credit. You can have different types of credit, and the more; the better. If your credit lines are diverse, your credit score will be higher.
  • Your new credit. If you have opened multiple credit accounts recently, your credit score can decrease.

Regardless of where your credit score falls, we have financing available for you. Browse our new car selection on our website and fill out a credit application.

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